Hi all,

I'm loooking for somebody willing to write complete working example for:

- connection to access database
- show one table form mdb in datagridview
- implement code for 4 buttons (Add, Update, Delete, Refresh)
- every press to buttons reflects to mdb database and datagridview

This will help me and many other people asking for parts of this.



Thanks, for answering, but:

1. I'm not a student, i have simple task to do, and all existing posts are related to some specific solution, and here are not exist complete solution. Every part of solution brings another problems...

2. Your or somebody else code should be in code tags, yes, i already read rules of forum.

3. Doesn't it?

I still think that would be usefull if somebody write complete working solution. It will help many people. I didn't specify database structure(that means that i'm capable of understanding and modifying something which already working, but my primary area is java), so if some student even wan't to use this example, it has to have knowledge how to do this. And trust me, they c/p even comments :)


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