Hi guyZz....

Can u help me with my project...??? I need a report designer that the end-user can design their own what they want... specifically you can design a report in runtime......!

urgent please.......

Any idea and some source is really appreciated..... thanks in advance.......

Oscar Resonable

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do one thing create a query builder in which provide user facility to select fields and make query....simply take that query and execute it and display the output....


Easiest way is to have then purchase crystal reports designer and you just add the necessary references to your project. That way you will have distributed the necessary dlls and such to each of their machines that use your program but they only need to purchase one seat license to create the reports. Then they drop the reports into your report directory and your program reads the contents of this directory and your program lists their report in your program. Use the Dir function to read the directory.

Good Luck

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