Hi.I'm trying to make a program that blocks speed programs like speedgear.

I'm currently blocking it with this code block

ProcessMemoryReader pReader = new ProcessMemoryReader();
pReader.ReadProcess = p;
byte[] NewVal = x;
int store = 0;
IntPtr BaseAddress;

BaseAddress = new IntPtr(0x0043B382);
x = pReader.ReadProcessMemory(BaseAddress, 6, out store);
if (x[0] == 80 && x[1] == 50 && x[2] == 66)
store = 0;

I take 0x0043B382 code from a program named process hacker.

Also it's scaning running process's titles but that code can be easily pass through if user change its title.

Not only speedgear but also there are more programs like this.

I can't find all of them so I'm out of ideas.
Any help?

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First of all thank you for answer.

I just want to block these game speeder programs.
Some online games can be vulnurable for these tools.
There must be a way for block them because ther are all nearly same.
There might be a fixed pointer or something else that only changes that speed but i couldn't find it.

Any other idea?


I have no idea how those programs work. Download one, fire it up, and attach a profile or debugger on it and see what it does.

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