Hi all,

I need information of a better Java hosting service (better in terms of performance, security, storage, reliability). I do not want to compromise with performance and reliability/security. So if any of you know such kind of service provider thn kindly let me know ASAP. It would be great help from your side. :-)


You have to ask to sun micro system.

I hope, someone who knows abt a good javahosting service provider, will reply here to help me.
i need to host java project before 26 july 09


I can recommend DailyRazor. I'm using it nearly for a year now (since I moved for previous provider, which was less flexible with configurations).
You have option for Tomcat or JBoss, plus they happy to provide with you with version you want

PS: I just hope that you already bought domain name, because without that you have very small chance in accomplishing your task


I've used them for quite some time, good pricing and a TON of control over the server. Great service and a ton of FAQ documentation to cover some of the various tasks one would setup: Tomcat, Glassfish, SSH, SFTP...etc

Can you please close this thread then? If left open it may get unwelcome attention of "want to be members" in reality spammers. Thanx

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sure. I do this. Thanks again