Below is the C# code. When i run it i get an error saying
cannot convert char to string in the foreach statement. Please help me out...am unable to figure out whts the problem! awating replies.....

private void DisplayFiles(string DirPath)
             string Root = null;
             Root = txtdestination.Text;
             string FileList = Directory.GetFiles(DirPath).ToString();
             string DirList = Directory.GetDirectories(DirPath).ToString();
           // string Filename = Filename.ToString();
            foreach(string Filename in FileList)
                listBox1.Items.Add(Filename.Substring(Filename.LastIndexOf("\"") + 1));
              foreach (string  DirName  in DirList)


there is a problem in following line:
string FileList = Directory.GetFiles(DirPath).ToString();

it should be :
String[] FileList=..............

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