Does anyone have any game ideas I could do it pygame?
So far I've done a breakout clone with special blocks that give you extra points or give you an extra ball

You are more than welcome to take my game I am doing in text and do it in pygame...I would but I am not that advanced yet..

The thread is kinda covering the game, but its called 'practice game' Its basicly a pirate game, where you can buy ships,buy weapons (right now they do nothing but cost money) you can sail out to sea,(which you could just make a waiting screen for the ship to come back instead of making the sea and everything). trade and rob the ships..rob people as well.. You get the idea. Its still in the works for the text part, but you can start working it in pygame if you wish, be a real big game when its all done.

Thanks for the idea, not sure I'm that good yet!

I edited the first post while I guess you was looking.. its under 'pratice game'
if you want to know any other things let me know..

Well I understand, but if you wanted to take a 'stab' at it you are more than welcome to my friend.

I hate to post again, but I just thought of something for you. I loved pong, but how about an advanced pong? same thing, but make more obstructions and/or different things that could make it ALOT harder on different levels..

Try noughts and crosses, that a pretty easy one.. Until you try and add an AI :P Try and make your AI as good as possible without making it impossible to win!

I swear I think some AI is only set at 3% fail gets extreme...

I dont know how hard this would be...but how about some pinball? Those were always fun. that requires no AI..

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