Hi buddies...!!! M an MCA(2nd Yr) Student.....And in a need of Some Project Topics in C++,which can be completed within a span of two months and the topics should be related to the following subjects.....
Networking,DBMS,DAA(Design Analysis of Algorithms) or TCS(Theorotical Compiler Construction) Please help me as fast as possible......

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I do not get you people. Why can't you think of a topic yourself, it's not that damn hard. But whatever, here you go: [search]project topics[/search]
Or you could try the enormous searchbox on the top of this page.
And here's another amazing site for you.


Find out a polynomial time algorithm to determine whether a number is prime or not.

Didn't get U.....Can U just Explain it to me????
And m supposed to submit atleast three topics....with their synopsis...
So please suggest accordingly.....

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Sorry, you've been sleeping through college for 2 years now, no reason to believe that's about to change. IOW, it's a waste of our time even reading such posts.
learn to write
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