please help me in writing a program in java "A student has a name,roll no., class, home address, date of birth. First dessigne a suitable class for date, write constructor and get and set functions. Then dissign a class for students informations. Write constructor, get and set function to calculate the age of student. The age of the student should be returned as a triple(i.e: year/month/days). You will have to define a class for triple"

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Thanx for response, please write the program in core java.

Do you imply that I have to write the program?
There's one obstacle in your way:
We only give homework help to those who show effort!
So please let us know when you're finished.


please help me in writing a program in java.........

I think you don't get the dividing line between helping and giving free code (the whole program) to you.

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