As basic as this may be for you experienced programmers, this leaves me baffled. I have a copy of VB6 I obtained as an employee of a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider, but it didn't come with the MSDN Library so I don';t have access to any online help (BTW, if anyone knows where I can get a copy of the library...).
Anyway, I can't figure out how to work with a tab control. Other programs I've tried allow you to just select a tab and place controls, then select another tab and place more controls, etc. No so with VB6. I place the tab control, and I have to modify a property to change the active tab, which is convoluted enough. Problem is, I can't figure out how to be able to put different sets of controls on each tab that can be switched between at runtime.
I don't necessarily need any code snippets, if someone could just explain the concept that would help greatly. :-|

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you have to draw them onto the control. if you just double click it, it will stick it on the form (you could also, if you have the controls on the form, and want to stick them on a tab, highlight the control, and cut it... then make sure the tab control (the one that you want the controls to go on) is active, and the entire control is selected, then paste). This will have it work the way you expect.

Thanks! I thought I'd tried that, but I'll try it again with a bit more attention. I had tried a program a few months ago called "Revolution", and it's method of using tab controls was just plain ridiculous; required you to create a set of controls for each tab, create a group from them, then write code that switched between the groups depending on which tab was clicked. I think my first shot with VB6 seemed to have made me think there was a similar thing involved. Thanks for the tip!


Why don'y you try 'Smart Tabbed Dialog Control'.It seems that it may solve allyour problems.I have already tried it 2 times in my application
and it is affordable to. go download from the location below.

When in doubt ask me @ certain features.

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