this being my first post allow me to explain the escapade i've undertaken.
im workin on the same lines for a IM client in java but im also trying to integrate Asymmetric Key Crypto into it.
I have basic idea about AKC but dont kno how and where to shimmy it into the IM program.

SYOT Start your own thread and clearly state your problem and post both your code (or at least a small self-contained example that reproduces the problem) and any and all error messages.


Im thinking of starting an instant messenger/chat service.How do go about this...a step by step process from start to finish on ho to create an instant messenger (like mxit) would be much appreciated.Please help!

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grand master zombie

well realhuman: writing code would help you a lot more then reviving dead threads.

leave this thread alone. start working on your project. if you come into problems you can't figure out, start a new thread with your own questions. don't revive ancient ones.

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