hi all

I am trying to make a server and client side instant messenger in java.

Now I was thinking is there a way to make a database in the server where I would keep thier usernames and passwords. Then I would have a button in the client side where users can register?

if yes, is it with mysql and is there any tutorials?


thnx but how would i connect it to java and also how would I implement it in the server?

you need to either set up an sql server on your own server(s), or purchase hosting that allows access to their sql servers. Read around some mysql tutorials to show you how to get the mysql database up and running with a schema that you're happy with. There's probably little point in trying to use Java to interact with mysql unless you know what's going on in there.

Once you're happy with all that, download and have a play with JDBC

There's a good sun tutorial here:

and a simple search shows more here:

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