hi !!!
I am making a window application in which I want tree view in left panel .For each child nodes click I want the corresponding form should be displayed in right panel . For each child node I have different - different functions and for each I have created different forms .how can I display these forms in right panel on clicking node of tree.

Are you looking at using an MDI application or a single "Main Form" and swapping out the right panes content? Also -- can you post the code you have tried so far and show us where you are having difficulties?

Use container controls (panel, splitContainer) and set Doc property.

i want main form and swapping of right panes...

I have tried for web browser in which when we click on node the related website opens in right panel ...For this I have set the website name on its tag property and code which i used on node_click event is:

TreeNode nname=e.Node;
String webpage="";
if(webPage!= " ")

Now i want that instead of websites my respective forms should be opened in right panel............
how can i do this.....
kindly provide me the C# code