I am hoping to build a website that accesses a database (possibly Amazon's SimpleDB, but perhaps not) for both presenting query results and adding additional data to the database. I hope to eventually build a sleek AJAX interface as well.

I have been told that Python would be an excellent choice for its ease of use, but I wanted to get the opinion of others about whether this would be the right language to use. I have also heard about Ruby. I have some experience with Java, VB, and Perl, but not with Python or Ruby.

Overall, would Python be the correct choice for this type of project? I am assuming that the choice of any of these languages is mutually exclusive; they would all perform the same function in their own way, so there is need to only choose one?

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I would say it depends on your server configuration. Python has a MySQLdb module that lets it interact easily with MySQL databases (you would likely have to install it), but I'm not totally sure in terms of other databases.

I'm becoming a bigger fan of php for websites to be perfectly honest.

Ruby will definitely do it, but it will also definitely be a steep learning curve.

Welcome! Python have its two Big web frameworks, Django and TurboGears as Ruby have Rails. after checking some videos on web framework and some presentations, I prefer Django over turbo gears and I don't want to learn new language for now (I mean Ruby) to use Rails. If that is what you want to do, Here is a link to Django. Note that Django have free Online book for you :)


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