Hello team,

We are working on speaker indicator, which is supposed to indicate the level of volume received from VLC player. I have worked on microphone, in microphone we can able to get the input buffer and according to that we are able to display the level of volume. I have gone through Microsoft sites I have found that if we link the speaker volume with microphone volume then we can feed the speaker audio data into microphone and get the volume level but that I can’t do for my application.

Normally If I have data then using waveStreamCallback API, we can get the speaker audio buffer for volume indicator. But VLC didn’t provide any API so that we can get the audio buffer.
In vista we have core audio API that get the audio buffer from speaker out ports and using that we can get the amplitude but in XP we don’t have such API.

So please suggest me how can I implement this.

Hmm... Would pluging the audio output into the microphone input be cheating?
If the operation system your using can't intercept it, and your audio drivers can't intercept it, than try another player. I have no idea if this can even be done on windows or not, but perhaps you can create another stream that VLC will use, and just read that.
Good luck.