Hi guys,
i am working on this project, which has a C++ program for image processing. I have used Java and matlab for image processing in past so i never had to deal with Magick++ or ImageMagick. At the moment one of my main problem is i cant find Magick++ for windows or for linux on the internet. I was wondering if someone in this forum knows , where to get the required header files. However i have seen some answers saying "Magick++ is a part of ImageMagick" , erm i have downloaded ImageMagick but i still cannot find the header file. So if anyone knows the link , please let me know.

Thanks :)

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Thanks for the link, I have downloaded this program already. But i was not able to find magick++ header file. My understanding might not be right, because i think i should be able to find a Magick++.h in Imagick folder or a "lib" folder. But unfortunately i cannot find it. There is one Magick++ folder , but it is full of html files.


Once you have the Magick++ sources available, follow these detailed installation instructions for UNIX and Windows.

Did you follow?
It mentions the .h file you seek.

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