Hi all,
I'm having trouble debugging with the MinGW Compiler with Netbeans C++. After having lots of trouble getting the make program to work by replacing it with MSYS, I am now in need of help with the debugger. I have downloaded dbg.exe the help has said. I can't even run, I have turned off the run with profile in the project properties to run. It runs as mt firewall request permission for a program to be executed.

I love netbeans and would hate to go back to a non-opensource program such as Visual Studio.

I was also having problems today setting up NetBeans with MiniWG. Even after installing the MSYS version of make, NetBeans refused to successfully compile a simple Hello World program. So I deleted MiniWG and installed cygwin, and had everything going in about a half hour. I have not tried debugging yet, so I can't help you with that.