Greeting everyone..
This is my very first thread.

I'm a final year student doing my thesis. I want to develop a software of Java that can encrypt an image so that it can be transformed to unreadable form. My idea is to transform the image file (i.e JPG, BMP) to be scatter like jigsaw puzzle. To decrypt it, insert the correct password then the image will be back to its original form.

My lecturer said that I can achieved this by using Java Advanced Imaging(JAI) library. But this library seems to technical for me as I'm only involved in light programming of Java. I needs your opinion or probably some suggestions from programming gurus here. Do I need to study JAI tutorial back to back or any alternative? Maybe I got to use other library that is less technical but can achieve the same result? Any idea?

Your response is my appreciated. I'm open to any kind of complaints as I'm new here. Sorry if my post is just too annoying.

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Shouldn't be too hard, and you don't need JAI if you don't want to go there. You can use the Image class to get the image, then the PixelGrabber class to get an array of all the pixel values. Once you've got that you can shuffle it using simple array manipulations. Then you can create a BufferedImage from the shuffled array.

Hi JamesCherrill. Thank you for your response.

I read about the PixelGrabber class before. It is an interesting class I should study after this. And I must admit that this suggestions is pretty good idea for me. But still, anyone got any ideas or suggestions for me? :)

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