Does anyone know how to add a new user created tool to the toolbox permanently? Everytime I start a knew solution, I have to go and add my customized tools back into the tool box. I would like to add the custom tools once and then they be there everytime I start a new solution. Anyone know how?


How are you adding the Tool? Drag and Drop or via the Customize Toolbox Option?

Through the customize option,,,


Hmm, strange, cause when I add a tool to the General tab, or a piece of code for that matter, to the toolbox and close the solution, or even the entire visual studio my tool remains.

Where are you adding this tool to? A new tab? And exsisting tab?

When I add the tool to a particular solution, it will stay in that solution, but if I start a new solution, all of my tools that I have added disappear in the new solution. I make a new tab named myTools and add them under that tab.


i have this problem, i want to copy and paste my solution to my coworkers computer and i want him to have all the toolbox items available that i added on my toolbox.