I am making a window application in which there is a textbox in which we have to enter only numeric values...
How can I display a table on the form which has columns - ones,tens,hundred ,thousand,ten thousand,lakh , ten lakh etc. Now whatever number we enter in textbox that number should automatically get filled in this numeration table ....
For example , number entered is 2589,then in table 9 should be in ones column , 8 in tens, 5 in hundreds, 2 in thousands column................

How can I do this.....

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actully i dont how to create a table on form, and display the textbox data dynamically into the table, i m not able to create the logic of this.............


Some suggestions:
1. Use data grid for it.
2. First divide number.
3. Fill it in data grid.


for dividing the number i m using modulus operator, but i dont know the code of filling in the datagrid view........


Simple way will be to fill the data in to DataTable and simply set DataSource property as table:

DataTable table = new DataTable();
//fill the table with data
dataGridView1.DataSource = table;

for filling the table, you create column with name ones,tens,hundred etc.
Here you can get detail of how to create and fill data table.

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