Hi to all.. im novice here
sorry for bad english
well iam a Visual Basic programmer and i like ASM...
im start to learn ASM and to do it i get some code and try to translate to Visual Basic in my first step i found a code to encipher and decipher thinks...
i understand a lot of this code but i canot trasnlat this 2 line because i cant understand how this 2 ASM command work... can some one help plz


Convert 32-bit Double to 64-bit Quad
EDX:EAX <-- Sign extends EAX
Something like this...
int i = -5;
long long v
v = (long long) i;
IDIV ESI          32-bit Signed Integer Divide
EAX = ESI / EAX            Quotient
EDX = ESI % EAX          remainder