Ive searched and downloaded somethings..But Im not sure what I do need to download, can someone post me a link to where I can get VB6? Or how exactly is VB used..I am a python user, but wanted to try VB for a change.. I am very un certain of what I need to get started programming in VB..

I think VB 6 control creation edition is free and if you want to learn vb, that should be enough.

Yes,I think that abu taher is right.
You can go to Google for searching.
The search engine is very strong.

You can search it at www.cnet.com or www.brothersoft.com

if you want to know Visual Basic, you can search some E-books available on the net. It will help you a lot.

Visual Basic is a RAD (Rapid Application Design..(if I'm not worng)..) software ..it is where you can just drag and drop the vb controls(e.g. Text Boxes, Command Buttons, List Boxes, Labels etc. and then you just write the code for these controls to work. Unlike the other languages such as C++ or Java, wherein when making a GUI application it takes some times in finishing a simple program, you have to encode chunks of code to make these controls to appear in your program. But Visual Basic provide developers to make applications in a short period of time. Thanks and Good Luck!

That product is de-supported by MS ,so you may not find a link to download that. Now VB6 is like Oracle 8/8i , hard to find a link not even in the parent site. Try find a copy from someone who has one. Since the product is de-supported you need not bother about license .