I'm really starting in Assembly, but i want to know if it's possible to develop for ARM devices like those who run Windows CE, because i have an Jornada 720 and i want to develop to it, i'm already a Java developer, but Assembly will be another language that i want to learn.

Nathan Paulino Campos

Here is a sample Hello World for Narm:

;  NilZone C++ Compiler 1999
;  File:  hello.c
;  Date:  21/Feb/2000
;  Time:  13:01:37

	SECTION .text
EXTERN  __gccmain
EXTERN  printf

	SECTION .data

	SECTION .rodata

LC0	DCB "Hello World",0x0A,0x00
	SECTION .text

	GLOBAL	main

	mov	ip, sp
	stmfd	sp!, {fp, ip, lr, pc}
	sub	fp, ip, #4
	bl	__gccmain
	ldr	r0, L4
	bl	printf
	b	L3
	ldmea	fp, {fp, sp, pc}


And here is the link to the project home page: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Hub/6461/arm/
Let's do some copies of this sites that we like and are no more maintained in Geocities, because it will be discontinued by Yahoo, i was doing some sites downloads to archive.


Well finally a processor I'm not familiar with.
Not 80x86 unless its been macroized as assembly.

Is a bit similar looking to MIPS.

No it cant use 8086 NASM as ARM aasembly instructions are somewhat different. Also the opcodes will be different for instructions even if looking same.


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