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Currently I have 2 applications that reside on the same system (local applications) that need to communicate. One is a C++ program that already uses mailslots to communicate with other system (remote) and the other is a new C# service I have just written.

Given that the C++ application is already mailslot savy I thought it would be a good idea to re-use the logic for local process (IPC) communication (why not...). But while implementing it I ran into a situation and am wondering if this was the correct "way to go"...

Correct me if I am wrong but ... don't I need 2 mailslots? One for communication from the C++ application -> C# service and another separate one from the C# service -> C++ application? Given that mailsots are simply files if both write to \\.\mailslot\name and both read from \\.\mailslot\name ... well my assumption is this won't work ... The C++ will write to the mailslot and just read-in the message it just wrote no?

Is there a proper way to implement this when using local mailslots?
I would have assumed a single-channel of communication would be best but ... if this is the standard approach I'll go with it :)

The C++ application must sent commands to the C# service and then recieve responses (return codes) from the C# service.
Now, this is for small amounts of data transfer, for example the C++ sends message "CHECK" every 10 minutes to C# service, and the service responds with a return code 0x10010010 or something appropriate (for example).

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.