Good day to everyone. I am a student who is a new to .Net.

I am about to have a project which would probably involve flash and c#. I just want to learn the basic passing of variable from flash to c#. This project would involve a test or assessment for children. I would like to pass certain variables for the scores, names etc to be stored in a database.

I think it is a bit comfortable to have a chat in a messenger for easier and real time tutorials. Anyone available? Just leave details here so i can be up on messenger. (I only have Yahoo! Messenger but i can take MSN, etc..) Thank you very much.

PS. Im from Philippines btw. :)

I'm providing this attachment because I've been searching all morning for flash related api stuff and have not found what I was looking for, but I happened upon this c# API. It is an example project in VS. I hope it will save you some time. Regards.

Thank you very much. I will be studying this first.

The attachment you provided let me have those two references that aren't available with me, thanks for that ^^.

But still, I have this problem. Even though this application has flash, i cant find the flash itself outside (so I can open it in flash cs4 and see how they did it).


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