Okay, I've tried my professor, and he's impossible to get timely feedback from... When he has responded, he has sent me coding - most not even close to containing the proper elements to complete the assignments, and he isn't much for explaning.

Although I could copy and paste all my coding here, I'd rather be able to discuss my issues real time on AIM or Y! I find that I run across nagging little errors when I'm coding that won't even allow me to attempt debugging... (My biggest current issue is a syntax error in my "For i as Integer To..." statement. At the "To") So I think help this way would be better?

If anyone has any experience working with Visual Basic and MS Access databases, I would greatly appreciate some assistance. Please send me a PM, and I can send you my ID. =)

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I have found this site just by luck, but there are many nice articles and downloadable components on it. It is being updated very frequently and I have bookmarked that site already, and I recommend to do it too!


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