Hi. I have developed PHP scripts (both server and client) and a SOAP/wsdl that work as expected. However, I would like to build the client side using Borland's C++ Builder 2006. This program will still access the web service using the wsdl while the server side script remains written in PHP. I am using MySQL 5.0 as my database and Apache 2.2 as my Server. Can someone please help me by posting a tutorial link where I can find information on how to do this and/or simply tell me how?
Thank you.

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I got the solution to this problem. I simply imported the wsdl into my client-side Win Forms using the wsdl Importer. C++ Builder handles/creates most of the needed classes and interfaces. I then added an HTTPRIO control unto the form and filled in the required parameters it needed to work with such as location of wsdl, service, location, etc. Object instances based on the classes created by the wsdl importer are created and used for sending and retrieving information needed. The wsdl operations are then called like functions within C++ builder.

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