So I'm working on a GUI program in Java, and I'm having problems dealing with some text fields i have.

The text fields are resizing themselves the same size of the window, making them much larger than I wish.


I would like all of the text labels to be about the same size as the file loaded box (except for venue fee, that should be a little shorter.

As for how the GUI is setup..
(im not including all my code because its really long lol, and most of it is unneeded for this problem)

There's a JTabbedPane JTabbedPane tabbedPane = new JTabbedPane(); in which is the tournament panel tabbedPane.addTab("Tournament", tournamentIcon, makeTournamentPanel(), "Manage your tournament"); The Jcomponent makeTournamentPanel() returns the JPanel tournamentPanel which has a box layout made up of 3 other panels (the 3 clear segments in the tournament tab)

JPanel tournamentPanel = new JPanel();
tournamentPanel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(tournamentPanel, BoxLayout.PAGE_AXIS));
return tournamentPanel;

The filePanel resizes fine and the text box doesn't resize itself at all JTextField fileText = new JTextField(20); However for the entryPanel...

JPanel entryPanel = new JPanel();
		entryPanel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(entryPanel, BoxLayout.PAGE_AXIS));
		entryPanel.add(new JLabel("Name:"));
		tourneyName = new JTextField(25);
		entryPanel.add(new JLabel("Organizer: (optional)"));
		tourneyOrganizer = new JTextField(25);
		entryPanel.add(new JLabel("Location: (optional)"));
		tourneyLocation = new JTextField(25);
		entryPanel.add(new JLabel("Date:"));
		tourneyDate = new JTextField(25);
		entryPanel.add(new JLabel("Venue Fee:"));
		tourneyPrice = new JTextField("0",25);

(all the jtextfields are initialized as attributes of the class)

iv had problems with the layouts and stuff to get this right. I tried using a border layout for tournamentpanel originally, but it didnt work so i had to switch to box.