I recently got into Python and I'm having trouble finding a good IDE for it. I'm on Windows. IDLE works but I'd rather use a different editor with more features.

I tried Wing IDE and I can't even find a Run command. Using the command line and typing in the name of the .py file to be run is irritating. Double clicking the file to auto-run it and pausing the command line with #raw_input() works, but not when there are syntax errors.

So far the best method I can find is to make a batch file and drag .py files onto it:

@echo off

Or I can replace "%1" with "c:\python26\python %1" and set .py files to open by default with the batch file. But this is still not ideal.

Any suggestions? Or help getting Wing to work?

Since you have Windows, try the PyScripter IDE from:
It has the usual run triangle icon, and you can run the code with or without saving the file. This IDE is an executable file written with Delphi, it is free (if you like it, donate a few bucks) and has lots of nice features.

Works best if you only have only one version of Python installed, like Python 3.1. PyScripter.exe is about 6.6 Megs, a far cry from huge programs like Netbeans and Eclipse (+300 Megs?).