Hi. I've actually never used python but I'm an experience programmer in other languages.

I wanted to do some "script-fu" for gimp, which uses scheme or python (it used to use perl, but AFAICT the bindings and modules are unmaintained and broken). I don't really like the look of scheme and would rather learn some python for this.

But before I do that, I wanted to make sure the gimp-python interface is functional. I've found some example scripts and tutorials, but I none of them refer to how the scripts are supposed to be installed, so I presume they go in the same directory with the scheme scripts. However, the schemes scripts show up but the python ones do not.

I'm not even sure if I have to install pyGIMP; there is a functional python console in gimp so I presume I do not, but when I went looking for the pyGIMP source anyway (there is no rpm), James Henstridge's (who wrote that and pyGTK) link is dead.

So hopefully there is someone out there who actually uses this or I will have to presume it has also become defunct/unmaintained and have to learn some scheme (yuck).

Try that link, hope it can help you, Dan08.

Perhaps if you had tried that link, you would have noticed that none of those are actually available. pbone is like that.

Thanks for trying tho.

Okay, it is installed, which is just as well since AFAICT there is no more source available. Someone at the official gimp plug-in forum solved this for me (since there is nothing about it in the documentation), so for posterity:

The .py files do not go with the .scm files in ~/.gimp/scripts, they go in ~/.gimp/plug-ins (and they must be executable).

Now I can start learning python!