When I open a project in vb6 then show a msg: and tell me to see a log file. and the description of log file is below:

Line 29: Class b8Controls4.b8Line of control b8LLogoB was not a loaded control class.
Line 116: Class b8Controls4.b8ClientWin of control b8CW was not a loaded control class.

Now what I should be do?

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Well it looks like you have lost reference to a custom control. Did this project come from another computer? If so you need to instal/register the missing control/dll on this new computer.

If not, and you have the controls installed correctly on this computer then find the controls (which should now be picture boxes), delete them, and replace them on the forms.

Good Luck


ya its come from another computer. in this thread what kind of control I missing, can you tell?

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