since I just learned Python, I start using Python 3.1 (i know people said the best version would be 2.5 or 2.6, but i think that at sometime in the future, it will become obselete since python 3.x is not backward compatible).

but when i look in forums or tutorials or books, its mostly all still about python 2.x

does anyone know any website that has good tutorials, code examples or books for python 3.1? (please dont ask me to read the documentation in python.org. i did, but the reference are mostly without examples, and since im new to python, most of the time it doesnt help me when i look at it).

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Yes most books tutorial are for 2.x
No problem to have both installed 2.x and 3.x installed

No problem to read 2.x books/tutorial you are learing 3.x then to,they difference is not that big.

To say it simple there are to much code 2.x that will help you that just using 3.x would not be smart.
Like this great post for beginner on this site.

2to3 module er working great to(converts 2.x to 3.x code)
Many 3parts module works just for 2.x(wxpython,py2exe,pygame...)

Take it easy and use both 2.x and 3.x it`s thats`s the best advice.

Byte of python and dive into python has come out for 3.x

Books 3.x

Also the online book "dive into python" has been mostly
rewritten for Python3 (check appendix A for 2to3 diffs):

wow.. thanks a lot for all the advices.

i do have both installed in my computer. until now what i see, there are no big difference. but there are times when i can get headaches because something that works on python 2.x didnt work on python 3.x for certain codes and its so difficult to find examples for that particular problem because everywhere i look for the solution, its always for p2.x

i will read through all the references that you all give me here for now. thanks again.

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