I downloaded QBASIC 4.5 onto a Windows XP computer, and placed it into C:\QBASIC\.

When I try to run QB.EXE though, I get the error:

Invalid startup directory, please check your pif file. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

What do I do here?

Goto your start button

Select Run

type cmd and press enter

type cd "c:\QBASIC" Press enter

Type QB.exe press enter.

There has been a lot of talk about getting QBasic to run on XP, with no luck.....however, someone had uploaded a file that mixed a couple of the needed programs to make it work....umn:

thread: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread798.html
download: http://divminds.250free.com/index.html

Ty Very much for talking so nice about me :D LoL. The QBasicXP works great except one problem. In order to use the help file you must specify the path everytime by going to Options and Set Path while in QBasic. I'm still working on making a perminent path but in the mean time I've learn't of a new way to run Dos programs through Windows XP. I've found no bugs yet but I'm still going through testing for any possible glitches it may occur. Like I said though nothing so far and all clean. I've made it simple for everyone and put it together in an executable file. It's all automated so no more having to do actual work. The downloads are on this site. :cheesy:


can i get a better answer to open the .pif file i.e. qbasic

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It has been years since I've used QB45. If memory serves, the executable is not in the main directory. What I did was to locate the actual location of the file and make access with a convenient *.bat file located on the Desktop.
trust this tho, it WILL work under XP.
In addition, XP does not normally use a Autoexec.bat file in the root/boot directory. There is a similiar file in system32 that needs to be pasted into the boot directory with the file name "AUTOEXEC.BAT" i.e. > AUTOEXEC.NT < . It help to allow basic DOS apps to be run in Windows.
Be careful NOT to overwrite any existing AUTOEXEC.BAT in the boot area that has more than "0" data in it.

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