actually in the system i use at office, there is no internet connection, but in local help i am not able to find few of my doubts, so how can i search for them with out having the internet connected..

in vc++ 6.0 i get complete help without connecting to the internet, so is ther some way in which i can get complete help without the internet...?

plz reply...

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Are you talking about the Visual Studio IDE? There was an option when you installed it to use the local help files or attempt to access the online help files.

Please clarify what content you're wanting to search offline and we'll go from there.


If you are talking about the IE window that get's opened with VS, click on the Search tab and look for a panel on the right. Mine gives choices:
1) Local
2) Online
3) Codezone
4) Questions

I think it defaults to whatever you last used, but I'm not sure.


the actual problem is, if i need to search for something, for ex: custom controls, its not available in local help, in that case i must connect to the internet and search for it. but, i dnt have a connection to the internet in my comp, is it possible to get complete help in the local search itself. or is it compulsory that i need an internet to find out the stuff on internet explorer or msdn..?

In VC++ there is a complete help available with out connecting to the internet, is it possible in C#, VS 2008 also...?


You can download the MSDN help library DVDs. I think they also came on the VS Installation media.

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