Hi all,
I am having problem about file operations. There are a few numbers in my txt file. I want the program to calculate average of these numbers in the txt file. The code I have written is as below. Number of numbers in the file is 5. When I return count it returns 5 .The sum of numbers should be 92 but I get 94, and I get average 18.8 but the correct average should be 18,4 (txt file is attached). So can anyone help me about it? Do you think is it a good idea to calculate it in this way?

the code:

int main()
	ifstream fin;	
	if (fin.fail())
		cout << "erorr on opening the file \n";
		exit (1);
	cout << "the caculated average is  " << avg_file(fin) << endl;	
	double calculated_avg = avg_file(fin);	
double avg_file(ifstream& source_file)
	double number_in_file;
	double total = 0;
	int count = 0;
	source_file >> number_in_file;
	while (! source_file.eof())
		source_file >> number_in_file;
		total = number_in_file + total;
		count ++;
	//average of numbers in file
	return (count);	

Two things:
First, you forgot to add the first number to the total.
Second, with while(!source_file.eof()) you run through the last line twice.

Therefore, instead of
10+20+40+10+12 = 92
you get
20+40+10+12+12 = 94

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