I want to start graphics programming.

I do SDL in C++, and took a look at OpenGL in C++, but it was like reading Greek!

What functions handle graphics programming in Java?

I am not very good at Java, and would like to bring it up to the level my C++ skills are at.

I'll start small with triangles, quadrilaterals, and lines, and take it from there!

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the awt package. For 3D graphics you are going to need an external 3rd party library. Google a bit there are a few of them.

You can also use Java 3D for 3D graphics. A lot of people use OpenGL bindings for Java also.

Thanks for the links thus far. As I am a new member of daniweb, i figured you would all appreciate it if I keep all of my questions in the same topic.

I've spent a few hours tonight reviewing basic java syntax, but did not learn how to create applets or windows. I was reading tutorials on java3D, but sadly they were all pretty bad.. They didn't explain what was going on, and were using classes extending Applet and other java libraries without ever mentioning the need to import any libraries (so you realize obviously that nothing will compile).

Tomorrow I'll try to find tutorials and learn OpenGL in java.

Before this, should I learn about some commonly used imported libraries?

Should I learn how to create applets before learning external libraries?
such as OpenGL?

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