I've got this project where i need to use a webcam.
I'll need to get every frame made by a webcam (uncompressed) and send it to my program. My program should extract some information out of the frame and then get the next frame and do the same with it.

So what i would need is some kind of GetFrame(some webcamhandle)
And that the function returns an array of data where every entry represents a pixel or something.

That would be great.

Now I know there isn't a function that does exactly like this, but is there a library that lets me use the webcam to import frames to my program without having to read a whole book of 500 pages about it?

And it would be also very nice if the library would give me the opportunity to use two webcams like this:

arr1 = getframe(webcam1);
arr2 = getframe(webcam2);

I don't want you guys to write code for me, just point me out where to look for, what library to use, (and maybe a link to some tutorial)

BTW I know C++ an Win32 API
Thanks in advance,

It has simple demo-programs which will have you grabbing images from cams within 5 minutes.

Thanks for the replies, i'll look into them