Would I be able to make 2 of my forms share properties?

Like, uh,
I want form1 to be my main program, but I want form2 to have my programs 'options'.

Then when the 'save' button on form1 is pressed, it will save the information on form1 and the options on form2.

How can I do this?
thanks :)

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Why not make the "Options" a shared property that are updated application wide and create another class descending from the standard Form ? This is how I do form 'skinning'


thats now depends...
if you want to save the settings permanently then i would suggest to use the application settings.
if its just for the current run of the form then you can set the properties or information in the form2.load event based on Form1.

if none of my answers hit then please tell us was exactly you wanna save. is it the forms properties or some controls content?



I put my form2 class code into my form1.vb, as I think it was suggested, but how can I make my form1 check for some of the things on form2?

Like form1 will have a button and form2 will have checkboxes
when the button is pressed I need to make it see if the checkboxes on form2 are checked or not, because it will display different things depending on whether or not they are.

Thanks :)

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