I have read other posting about this and I can not figure it out.

Application runs fine on the computer that I used to create it.

The application has 3 functions:
Button1...locate and preview an image file.
Button2...creates an email with html link...creates an html page file...ftp's the image and html files to server...sends email.
Button3...ftps image file only.

Publish and install on another computer and I have problems.
Button 1...Will load and preview file correctly.
Button 3...ftp image file only.
Button 2...I get an error (my own 'failed' message)

I have the same net framework 3.5 sp1 on all computers.

What am I missing?
I am thinking now it is code, but why does it will work on one and not the other.

Do I need to install VB 2008 express on every computer that will be running this app just to insure that the computers are the same?

Thanks in advance!

no. but if you use any custom references (like a ftp.fll) then you have to ship that dll with your application.

Button 2...I get an error (my own 'failed' message)

does not really help. post the code where the error pops up.

Figured it out ! ! ! ! !

I have a relative file path that I had overlooked...created the path on the remote computer and it works just fine...now I need to set the application to create it automatically.

Some solutions make me feel so stupid!

Thank you GeekByChoiCe for replying!

i did my project even i know how to create the .exe file but i cant deploy it where i want while installing i cant select path like where you want to install the software and all

please soon answer me