hi all,
i am final year university student and i need some ideas for developing a distributed application to my final year project.
any ideas ,example, that help me to finish my project in time because our last day of proposal is 05/04/2010

i do not need code just ideas are appreciated.

thank u in advance

Have you searched the forums for "final year project"?

just take into consideration what you've seen in your courses, and decide how to put that into an distributed application. off course, putting in stuff your teacher didn't show you 'll get you good points as well

thanks for reply
my teacher has no ideas to give me an example and how to use to make a distributed application

one of the reasons they don't just hand you an idea, is to see whether or not you are capable of deciding on one for yourself.
they expect you to be capable of finding something you are interrested/motivated in writing, that qualifies as a distributed application

A very interesting project (in my opinion) would be to implement an online game. You can choose one you like and have a client/server architecture (using Java RMI for example if you are using Java) where the game is ran on a server and the clients connect to the server to play.

The good thing with a project like this is that you get involved with a lot of software engineering goodies like concurrency, client/server architecture, possible design/implementation of AI algorithms depending on the game you choose to implement etc.

Don't take this as the only possible thing you can do - there are A LOT of things you can do. Just think of what I just said as something to start from and try to look for a project that will fit you and your supervisor's requirements.

thank u obscured47
very nice idea and i like it because i am myself interested in online distributed game
please keep going thinking good ideas more