i managed to save up enough money and order the book "Accelerated C++" today (paid a good 60$)..now my Q. is would this book help me learn c++ , even if i have no prior knowledge in c++? (i have a basic understanding in C up to arrays and functions, and the book would be at my door steps sometime next week)

By looking at the topics covered at amazon,

Topics covered:

Introduction to C++
Console I/O with stream classes
Basic string handling
Loop and flow-control statements
Using functions and methods
Using Standard Template Library (STL) containers (vectors, linked lists, and maps)
Sorting and generic functions
Basic class design
Pointers and arrays
File I/O
Memory-management techniques, including statically and dynamically allocated memory
Adding stream support to custom classes
Conversion operators
Operator overloading
Friend functions
Polymorphism and virtual functions
Handle idioms for classes, including reference counting
Quick reference to the C++ language

Sounds like a book that will teach you from ground up. But looks like it also covers some more advance topics aswell.

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