I'm trying to sort a DataTable using the following code:

Private Function sortDataTable(ByVal dTable As DataTable) As DataTable
        Dim dView As New DataView(dTable)
        dView.Sort = "Field ASC"

        Return dTable
End Function

But it doesn't work. What is wrong? How can I sort the DataTable?



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Private Function SortDataTable(ByVal dTable As DataTable, ByVal ColumnName As String, Optional ByVal OrderByAsc As Boolean = True) As DataView
Dim dView As New DataView(dTable)

If OrderByAsc Then
dView.Sort = ColumnName & " ASC"
dView.Sort = ColumnName & " DESC"
End If

Return dView
End Function

Just sort the table directly:
dTable.DefaultView.Sort = ColumnName & " ASC"

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