I'm beginning in Assembly development. When i try to print a word using the variable type DB with the name message, but when i try to execute this program, emu8086 only show me a dialog, not the message, here is an screenshot: http://xs142.xs.to/xs142/09345/imagem568.png


ORG 100h ; COM file is loaded at CS:0100h

MOV AH, 09h
LEA DX, mensagem
INT 21h
INT 20h

message DB "Test!"

What i have to change in my code?

Nathan Paulino Campos

Spelling of your ASCII$ string buffer.
To be consistent

LEA DX, message

And the missing $ terminator!

message DB 'Test!$'


message DB 'Test!','$'

Thanks very much, now i can continue learning!

Posting on competitors site too!

It's only to get more answers, because if you post in more sites you have more chances to get an answer, but if you dislike i don't post more in the other sites, only here.

Doesn't bother me. Only noticed when I was looking for alternate questions to reply to.