I have a cardlayout of pictures but i want to know if i can produce some special effects like they have in MS Powerpoint where the picuture slides can fade in/out or swirl into or out of the panel or display text words one at a time, etc. Is it possible to create something like that with Java and if so, what should be studying to do that? I know i would need a timer for these actions to happen but i am not sure i can get slides to be animated as it switches from slide to slide.

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Albert-Pi - Those links have almost NOTHING to do with this thread. They are for JavaScript, and they don't deal with transitions. One of them does, but it's a full program, not an example.

Anyways. If you're willing to give it the time, you could write your own fade in/fade out methods. using the transparency(?) variable. If that doesn't exist, you could implement one using the BufferedImage class and settings the ImageType to TYPE_INT_ARGB_PRE or TYPE_INT_ARGB. I'm not an expert on this subject but I think it should work... i think. lol Have fun! =D

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