In my form I have a field (Reqby) that will request the name of the Dept. Manager. Is there a way that I can take that information and add it to the TO: line?

The TO: line already has a name in and I want to add the Dept. Managers to it.

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The TO line of a VB Form?

The form is a MS Outlook form. I have attached the MS Outlook where I am requesting the name of the Dept Manager. Then I want to see if I can add it to the TO: line at the top.

Sub Update30()
Dim recip
Set recip = Item.Recipients0.Add (Item.userproperties.Find("Deptman").Value)
recip.type = olTo
End Sub

If I wanted to use Global Address List instead of Recipents what is the "code" for it

What is the NAME of that textbox?

In the example I used the name DEPTMAN

Looks like some heavy reading. I will look it over, but it still contains some interesting information.

Thank you

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