All files or project outputs that are added to setup projects are wrapped into the final .msi file. what if i dont want it to wrap some certain files and want it to output them as they are? Is that possible?


Um... Build your (non-installer) project and copy the contents of your {projectfolder}\bin\Release (or \Debug) folder?

Otherwise, there was a way to set .zip file as the favored distribution method. Don't remember how it works though :-/

What is your end goal here serkan? Windows packs all of your files in to a .cab and builds the msi. You can unpack an MSI. There are tools for it if you check google.

My goal is to run MSI from command line using another software. To do that i need a config file for 3rd party software which i want to output right after the built of the setup project. of course i can copy files but i want to automate things as much as possible because i have hundreds of configuration items to keep in mind...

ok the solution is to create a batch file to copy files to .msi output folder, then add a post built event to setup project to run this batch file.