1 Win 7 unit , 1 XP unit connect via a workgruop LAN.
All works fine then the Windows 7 losses access with the XP unit.
(XP unit still see's Win7 unit). Win7 unit can still access the XP unit via a remote control program i.e. It can access the XP's screen, cursor etc. Have unticked the "let computer switch off lan card to save power" and even tried a different card. Have run with dedicated IP address's and "obtain IP automatically"
Run the TCP on version 4 , have ticked and unticked TCP 6
Really need advise as the Win7 units needs to connect to the XPunit to backup every few hous or so. TIA

Just Enable Share any Folder or Drive on your Win7 Pc...

Just Enable Share any Folder or Drive on your Win7 Pc...

Hi, Have already done that. I do not have a problem in intially sharing Win7 to XP and Xp to Win7. The problem is after a while hours, days (whatever) the Win7 loses access to XP unit. Requires a reboot on Win7 to sort out (until next time)

I've gotten the same problem with many different windows systems, mostly older 2k and poorly managed 2k3 servers, but have gotten it here at home on an install of Win7 Pro. Only thing that sorted it out for all accounts is a reboot. More rare occurrence on the server side. It was generally attached to some nagging phantom within the server though. All my machines runs 7 at home now, and I no longer have that issue unless one is connected to a VPN.

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