I am trying to use the data form wizard to create a chart for my program using the information in a database. On the section that asks you to select the database, I click browse, go to whre my database is saved and click ok. When I try to click next it says something like database format not recgionised. The database was created using MS Access in MS Office XP.

Is this a known problem with this or is it something I am doing wrong?

The database works fine otherwise in the program, ie it will read the information and display it, It will write/delete in the database. but it just wont let me use the data form wizard.

Any help is much appreciated!

Your problem is most likely due to the fact you are using a newer version of Access than VB recognises.

You can make a copy of the database that is in a previous version format... Open your database in Acess go to the tools menu. Select the database utilities submenu and click: convert database > to a prior access database version

You will need to give the newly created database a new name and change the code in your VB project to point to the new file.

Good luck