Greeting ,
it will be helpful if any one can provide me with Round Robin algorithm code in c/c++

thanks in-advance

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It's a good thing you thanked us in advance, because you certainly wouldn't thank us after we told you that this isn't rent-a-coder-for-free.com.


We don't do work for other people. If you have a question about how to implement you program start a new thread and ask it. If you want a handout without doing any work, go elsewhere.


>i am a member.
I don't care if you're the Pope, do your own work.

>i need the code if you have then send it to me.
You've posted four times. All four posts have done nothing but beg for free code. You've been told four times that we won't give you free code. If you do it again having been sufficiently warned, I'll have you banned from this forum.

Thread locked. If anyone feels this action has been made in error, please PM me with your reasoning and I'll consider unlocking it.

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