Hello, im tryin to build some simple application using C#. im using the datagridview + the binding navigation. when im runing the app im available to delete and editing rows. after i click the save button its look like the app is saved the updates as long as the app still runing. After i close the app and return to the page i see the updates are not been saved (as well as they don't saved in the sql database). i know there should be some method that will handle this update (save) request by i can't find that over the net, someone can help?

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I think you are working with SQL Express database. Sql express local database files (.mdf, .ldf) are copied at deployment (bin) folder when you execute your program. The DataSet (typed) uses connection string path with an alias DataDirectory, which is the path of application folder so your changes are recorded in a database (.mdf) in Bin folder. Take a look at copied database.

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