HI to ALL Bro ,

Urgently need some advice from bro and sis here.
I am totally fresh in delphi.
I have an existing dll which wrote and done by ex-coll .
All the function is working well with my vb6 or .net program since last few year. Recenlt i have to add few more new feature in this dll and i am fresh on this. Pls help . ...

The dll program is write with delphi 7 , i do a simple testing which modified or change one of the function name inside the source code.
Eg : Function MsgboxError
I try rename it to MsgboxError2 and recompile it. The program compiled without error, the problem is when i try to use the dll export tool to extract out all the function. The function name still look like old function name <MsgboxError>, it should be <MsgboxError2>.

I already change all the related file which contain this function name. I really got no idea how it work ! Pls helpppppp


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You need to make sure to Export the procedure...you should have code like:

export MsgboxError2

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